The Gazetteer has been produced by the Society to enable the accurate identification and recording of sites within the recording area of Cheshire and Wirral. Over 2000 site names and grid refences are listed. Almost all the county falls within the 100 kilometre square SJ, except for a very small area in the eastern hills of the county, which is in SK.

Whether observers enter records directly to BirdTrack or submit records to the society on a spreadsheet or paper, contributors are encouraged to use the site names given in the Gazetteer. This makes it much easier for species compilers when preparing text for the bird report. The latest version of the gazetteer can be downloaded as an Excel file using thisĀ link.

New sites can be added if the site name, nearest town or village and the map reference are supplied.  Send change requests to submissions.

CAWOS wishes to stress that the inclusion of a site in the Gazetteer implies nothing about rights of access to the site, nor anything about its importance as a birdwatching area.  The Birdwatchers Code of Conduct and the Country Code must be followed at all times.  In particular, entry to land must be made only where right of public access exists or with the landowner's permission.
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