Indoor Meetings 2015 - 2016

All meetings are held in the hall at St Vincent's Roman Catholic Church, Tatton Street, Knutsford, WA16 6HR (click here for map) on the first Friday of the month, unless otherwise stated - please check the programme. There is a large and free car park off Tatton Street close to the hall (see map).

An entrance fee of £2.00 to members and £4.00 for non-members will be charged at all meetings except the AGM when there will be free admission. A coffee break (included in admission) is taken halfway through the evening. The doors open at 7:30pm for a 7:45pm start.

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7th October 2016
‘THE WILD WOOD’ by Keith Offord

Tucked away in the hilly country bordering Shropshire and Wales there is a beautiful old 13-acre woodland, once inhabited for over 50 years by an old hermit. Massive stands of beech, oak, ash and cherry, dating back hundreds of years provide the perfect natural habitat for a wide variety of species. This talk explores the changing faces of this wood through the seasons, examining the rich spectrum of wildlife from Pied Flycatchers to Elf Cup fungi. The story also follows the management of the wood which includes the creation of glades and dead wood areas, plus an extensive nest box scheme, further enhancing its attraction to wildlife. Against a backdrop of disappearing habitats, this is a truly uplifting subject, reminding us that good things really are happening in the UK.

4th November 2016

The talk looks at the birds, wildlife and magnificent scenery of British Columbia and Vancouver Island. The birds include all the west coast specialities from Bald Eagles and Ancient Murrelets to Red-necked Phalaropes and Wandering Tattlers, counterpointed by mammals including great whales, Orcas, bears and Otters, plus a few surprises!

2nd December 2016

The Peregrine Falcon is surely one of the most charismatic of birds. A supreme flier and aerial predator, the species is truly a local success story and now well established in good numbers within that county. This talk looks at the habitats chosen by Peregrines (including Shropshire's unique tree nesting pair!!) and progress through a typical breeding season. It features an insight into the secret life of this magnificent bird with images taken under schedule 1 licence to show the development of young birds and the behaviour of the parents during this time, including some dramatic shots of the first few flights after fledging. An overview of all the other British raptors likely to be seen in the county, plus tips on recognition round off the presentation.

6th January 2017
‘BIRDING IN OMAN’ by Mike Watson

Mike has guided tours to Oman which is well established as the premier birding destination in the Middle East for so many reasons. It is full of regional specialities, offers a fantastic migration spectacle, as well as some great sea birding. He will be talking about his numerous visits there over the last 10 years, including birds such as the recently discovered Omani Owl, as well as gems like Grey Hypocolius and Arabian Golden-winged Grosbeak.

3rd February 2017
‘A DIGITAL LANE’ by Mike Lane

Mike is a full-time wildlife photographer specialising in birds and mammals, which he has done for more than 40 years. He gets to travel widely and has been to over 50 countries, but his main love remains photographing British wildlife which is more challenging. He believes that there is a technique or location where nearly all British birds can be photographed relatively easily if you know how. A Digital Lane tells of various places around the globe, starting with Black Grouse in Scotland, Finland for Brown Bears, diving Ospreys and then to some amazing drinking pools for birds in Hungary.

3rd March 2017
AGM followed by ‘SEEING BIRDS IN A MAGICAL NEW LIGHT’ by David Quinn

From the first pencil strokes of a field sketch, through to the final touches of a major painting, the Artist and Illustrator offers an insight into the challenges of capturing the essence of birds, whether portrayed in their natural setting, or on the stark white page of a Field Guide. David will talk about how he forms and develops ideas for his paintings, explaining some of the processes involved in observing, researching and depicting his subjects in a variety of drawing and painting media. He emphasises a deep appreciation for the great privileges of seeing birds, and for life as an Artist who studies them. Some of his new original paintings and drawings will be on display to augment the slide show presentation.