Indoor Meetings 2017 - 2018

All meetings are held in the hall at St Vincent's Roman Catholic Church, Tatton Street, Knutsford, WA16 6HR (click here for map) on the first Friday of the month, unless otherwise stated - please check the programme. There is a large and free car park off Tatton Street close to the hall (see map).

An entrance fee of £2.00 to members and £4.00 for non-members will be charged at all meetings except the AGM when there will be free admission. A coffee break (included in admission) is taken halfway through the evening. The doors open at 7:30pm for a 7:45pm start.

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6th October 2017

The Danube Delta remains one of the largest and most important wetlands in Europe and this is reflected in its diversity and abundance of birds. A journey into the Delta is an assault on all the senses as you travel into what is a very special place. The talk will describe a trip deep into the Delta and the surrounding areas of eastern Romania to mainly photograph the bird life. This will include an area of Delta where we were fortunate to be amongst the first visiting photographers with our goal to capture with the cameras some of the birds and the elusive and enigmatic European Golden Jackal.

3rd November 2017

South America is full of wild and wonderful habitats and interesting and varied animals. In this talk, CAWOS member Mark describes a brief trip to look at the birds and scenery of Northern Argentina including the ornithological rich city of Buenos Aires and the spectacular Iguazu waterfalls, said by some to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

1st December 2017
‘THE BIRDS OF GAMBIA’ by Denis Atherton

This talk is a result of three separate trips to this amazing country with lots of photos of the brilliant birdlife - the fantastic variety of species and colours. There will be funny stories galore about both safe birding in this superb country and about unsafe birding - he once fell into the swamp and almost stepped on a crocodile! He will describe how not to wake up with frogs in your shoes as well as his visits to the hide in deepest Gambia that was paid for by his friend Paul who lives in Stockport.

5th January 2018
‘DIGISCOPING’ by Justin Carr

The digital revolution has changed bird photography forever! This talk will consist of a brief history of Digiscoping, an explanation of the equipment involved and then onto the all-important techniques. The talk will be illustrated with Justin's digiscoped images followed by a gallery of his favourite shots.

2nd February 2018

This talk looks at the Procellariiformes, the order of birds which includes the albatrosses and petrels of the Antarctic and the surrounding Southern Ocean. First seen by intrepid and superstitious early sailors who gave these birds their colourful names. Over 20 species are featured in this talk which looks at these unique birds and the special adaptations enabling them to live in hostile marine environments. The talk is perfect for all who love nature and have wanderlust and appreciate stunning wildlife photography with back drops of Antarctic scenes of snow, ice and frozen seas.

20th April 2018
AGM followed by ‘LOOKING FOR THE GOSHAWK’ by author Conor Jameson

Conor discusses the sequence of events that led to him writing his acclaimed book Looking for the Goshawk, some of the people he met and the places he visited as he seeks to understand 'the phantom of the forest'. He describes how the lost raptor went missing from our landscape, and our imaginations, and the work that's being done to help it come back. He describes what the apparent and actual absence of Goshawks may reveal about us, and the exciting challenges of rewilding.